Ad Council

Following on from the success of the Syrian Campaign, CCVFX have partnered up again with Martin Stirling to produce lovely little film for AdCouncil and'The Extraordinary Life And Times Of Strawberry’ highlights the growing concerns about food wastage. 


The film follows the life of our hero, a strawberry, from his infancy as a flower transforming into a fully grown strawberry and the journey that ensues having been picked and packaged up. 


"As there wasn’t time to shoot time lapse footage of a real Strawberry growing and also because our hero strawberry had to transition perfectly into a live action one, we used CG for the birth and ultimately the death of it” explains CCVFX’s Chris Allen. He adds “There also wasn’t time to wait for them to go mouldy but also it would been wrong to waste perfectly good fruit, just for a TV advert, so we created the mould seen in the end of the spot in post also. This was a very charming spot to work on and it was once again a pleasure to work with the great Martin Stirling”.


The spot airs on US TV and online from April 20th.


Production: Partizan LA

Director: Martin Stirling

Executive Producer: Lisa Tauscher

Producer LA: Megan Moore

Producer London: Leo Green


Agency: Sapient

Producer: Monica Alameda


VFX: CherryCherry

Lead Flame: James Cornwell

Producers: Beatrice Bowdon/Sezen Akpoloat

Lead CG: Tony Landais

FX Artists: Emre Samioglu, Utku Ertin, Doruk Saglam, Zafer Ercevik, Chris Maslen, Caglar Ozen, Altug Yılmazer, Enis Uzbek, Bogi Gulasch 


Telecine: Dan Moran @ Coffee & TV