CherryCherry were delighted to collaborate with Sonny London and JWT on the latest creation for Benylin.


The 30” spot directed by Jack Cole explores the day in the life of Benylin’s staff in their ultra hi tech building, using ultra lo tech techniques in their endeavours to develop the best possible treatment for your chest cough.


We were really excited about this project as it gave us the opportunity to use all our skills on one project. We spent 3 weeks working on the concept for the Benylin HQ exterior and interior which were subsequently realised though a combination of CG and matte paintings.


All the screen graphics were created by us which again followed a few weeks of concept and design work before the final look was locked down.


The spot also features a Grizzly Bear which originally was going to be shot using an actor in a bear suit. Unfortunately, sourcing a suit that looked realistic enough proved to be a challenge in itself. With each day of the search passing by without any joy, CherryCherry decided to take a few headaches away and suggested doing the the bear in CG – a decision we didn’t take lightly given at that point we only had 4 weeks until final delivery.


Jack Cole says of CherryCherry’s involvement "Cherry Cherry did an incredible job throughout the Benylin production from early problem solving in pre-production, the most accommodating SFX supervision I've ever experienced on set, and the very quick turn around of all the final post-production work. Nothing ever seemed to be a problem, and they never said 'no' to the continual changes and tweaks that occurred throughout. An absolute pleasure to work with”.


CherryCherry’s Nico Cotta says in perfect english “It was a great opportunity working with Jack. He was with us throughout the entire project which was perfect for us as that working relationship is exactly the ethos we embrace here. It is what working at CherryCherry is all about, collaborating, sharing and bouncing ideas of each other, working out which ideas float and which ones sink and then rounding off the day with a nice glass of whisky. Jack is very clever guy and a pleasure to work with and we look forward to seeing him again soon”.


The grade was handled by the supremely talented Kai Van Beers at our good friends, MPC.


The film is on air from November 10.


Production Company: Sonny London

Director: Jack Cole

Producer: Mark Harbour & Ran Holst


Agency: JWT

Producer: Ben Catford

Creatives: Ryan Lawson & Andy Smith

Creative Director: John Cherry


Post Production House: CCVFX

VFX Supervisor: Nico Cotta

Shoot Supervisor: Tony Landais

Producer: Chris Allen

Line Producer: Sezen Akpolat

Artists: Doruk Saglam, Ergin Ishakoglu, Utku Ertin, James Cornwall, Boglarka Gulacsi, Stuart Tozer, James Thexton, Ceyhan Kapusuz, Soner Yurtseven, Huseyin Gulgen, Ehsan Hassani Moghaddam, Otis Guinness-Walker, Tony Landais.


Editor: James Norris at the Whitehouse.


Sound: 750


Telecine: Kai Van Beers at MPC