Here’s a spot for Braun we finished up with our friends at AMV. It stars Sebastien Vettel in a race against the clock. 1 x electric shaver versus 1 x plummeting shipping container dropped from a whopping great height. How high you ask? Like, really high. In fact, on the day, they could only drop it from 60 feet so our mission was to make it look like it was dropped from a few thousand feet higher.


CCVFX’s EP Chris Allen said “The shoot was a real challenge logistically. There were quite a few factors which combined to limit what could creatively be achieved in camera. 2 helicopters, one celebrity with limited availability, health and safety issues, available light…By the end of the shoot there were some boarded shots that couldn’t be achieved in camera so we offered to take these on in post”.


As a result, most of the shipping container were created in CG. A couple are in fact fully generated shots with a CG shipping container and DMP backgrounds which were used to help cheat the height of the helicopter.


AMV’s producer Anita Sasdy said of her experience with us "Last year I had the privilege to do two jobs with CherryCherry, two Braun films. Both films were extremely post heavy and Nico and his team went above and beyond delivering all shots required and even adding CG shots that weren’t budgeted for. I could not recommend these guys enough, plus they really all are a great bunch of people”.


The spot was directed by Tristan Patterson at Smuggler.


The grade was done with Seamus O’Kane at The Mill.


Agency: AMV

Producer: Anita Sasdy

Creatives: Mike Sutherland & Ant Nelson


Production Company: Smuggler

Director: Tristan Patterson

Producer: Ray Leakey


VFX Supervisor: Nico Cotta

Producer: Chris Allen & Sezen Akpolat

Flame: James 'Krispy’ Cornwell

CG: Tony Landais, Çağlar Özen, Doruk Sağlam, Utku Ertin, Emre Samioğlu, Fatih Arıkboğa, Ceyhan Kapusuz, Ecem Baysal