We created CG neon signs for half of the commercial. It wasn’t possible to create all of the neon signs in camera so we were able to offer a CG solution. We created five CG signs which we lit with reference from in camera neon and then tracked them in. The great thing about having done them in CG is we could control turning them on and off. This helped greatly in emphasising certain messages that the neon signs were representing. Along with the signs and a beautiful grade Nivea looked visually striking and something we are very proud of.


Director: Has Emanuel

Production Company: Mad Cow Films

Producer: Peter Chambers / Jonas Blanchard

Agency: FCB Inferno

Agency Producer: Charlie Coombes

Post: Cherry Cherry VFX 

Post Production Producer: Abby Holland

VFX Supervisor: Hugo Saunders 

2D Artist:Giles Hicks

3D Lead: Jamie White

3D Artist: Danphe Westelynck