Stella Artois

CherryCherryVFX were pleased to be part of the beautifully crafted and technically accomplished film by 1stAveMachine for Mother London’s client Stella Artois.


Stella’s trademark “chalice” was showcased in a new light, helping raise awareness of the global water crisis. This hypnotic film is not only engaging but emotively promotes Stella’s commitment to families in the developing world, providing them with five years worth of clean water for every limited edition Stella Artois chalice bought.


The 1st Avenue Machine directors, talented Tim Brown and ingenious inventor Bob Partington, spent 3 weeks working with CCVFX on the previz playing with a variety of options which tthey then used to piece it all together.


“This project was challenging on a couple of different levels”, explains Executive Producer, Chris Allen and VFX Supervisor Tony Landais, “Although the film was shot in-camera, we worked on a previz to help understand exactly how it would unfold and to see what secrets (if any) the Zoetrope may have had in store for us. We teamed up with 1st Avenue Machine and incorporated the animation into our 3D model of the Zoethorpe. Our next challenge was to work out what would be the best way to shoot it in order to optimise the beauty of the whole structure whilst at the same time, keeping a focus on the animation which was key to the whole film. Moco speed, frame rate, RPM’s, what lenses to use…all these variables came into the equation.”


Both offices in Istanbul and London combined forces once again in pre and post with some polishing up leaded by Flame Artist, James “Krispy” Cornwell to deliver this rewarding project.


It was a real pleasure working with the talent at 1st Avenue Machine and Mother London. Well done everyone!


Agency: Mother

Producers: Sam Dowling & Charlotte Glennon

Creative Director: Kit Dayaram

Creatives: Jess Reynolds & Chris Vernon


Production Company: 1st Avenue Machine

Directors: Tim Brown and Bob Partington

Executive Producer: Isabella Parish



Producer: Chris Allen

Pre Viz: Chris Maslen

Shoot Supervisor: Tony Landais

Flame lead: James ‘Krispy’ Cornwall

Flame: Alex Gabucci, Andrew Merlino

Nuke: Emre Samioglu, Melissa Yung-Hok, Otis Guiness-Walker


Telecine: Richard Fearon at MPC