Syria Campaign

CherryCherry VFX are very proud to have been involved in the follow up film to last year’s Cannes Lion winning “Most Shocking Second A Day” campaign.


Directed once again by Unit9’s Martin Stirling and produced by Michelle Craig, the incredibly heart-rending “In Reverse” shows the sequence of events immediately following a mortar attack on a Syrian Village played back in reverse. This powerful visual tool supports the notion that ‘We can’t reverse what’s happened in Syria but we can change how the story ends’.


CherryCherry VFX created the scenes of chaos and destruction which included CG explosions, flying debris and shrapnel, collapsing buildings, set extension and digital matte paintings.


The shoot took place in a small town just near the Syrian Border with all the live action being captured in one shoot day. CherryCherry VFX supervisor Nico Cotta was on hand to oversee all the VFX requirements and gather reference material to be used later on for the FX animation and matte paintings.


Nico says “All the VFX from start to finish was completed in 11 days, a feat we wouldn’t recommend on every job! But this was for such a special cause and we wanted to do everything possible to make the whole spot could look as dramatic as possible”.


Director, Martin Stirling says "We approached CherryCherry VFX with a project that by all means was completely unreasonable based on the ambition, scope and fast turnaround - we knew we were asking for the impossible but the team at CherryCherry VFX not only embraced the challenge but they exceeded our (ridiculously wild) expectations. Not only did they deliver beyond our dreams but they did it with a passion and graciousness which is rarely afforded in this crazy commercial world. I can't thank them enough for helping us realise this film together. It feels like our family just got bigger and I can't wait to work with them again!"


It goes without saying that beyond all the hard work that everyone put into this film, the message and cause behind it deserves everyone’s attention. Please do what you can to help.




Production Company: Unit9

Director: Martin Stirling

Producer: Michelle Craig

Editor: Alex Burt

Telecine: Simon Astbury at Unit9


Post Production House: CCVFX

VFX Supervisor: Nico Cotta

CG Supervisor: Tony Landais

Artists: Ergin Ishakoglu, James Cornwall, Doruk Saglam ,Utku Ertin , Mertcan Ag, Otis Guinness-Walker, Bogi Gulacsi, Stavros Theiakos, Ceyhan Kapusuz , Zeynep Onder, Tony Landais, Stuart Tozer , Richard Tilbury

VFX Producers: Sezen Akpolat & Chris Allen