Turkish Airlines

Following last year's success of Lowe Istanbul’s spot, ‘Dreams' for Turkish Airlines, they have once again delivered the goods with this years follow up film, ‘Don’t Give Up’. Loaded with similarly large doses of charm, childhood innocence, beautiful performances, stunning photography and nods to local customs, Don’t Give Up hits cinema screens across Turkey today to promote the opening of Turkey’s newest airport, Ordu-Giresun, which has been built entirely on the sea.


Set in the Black Sea region of Turkey (where the locals famously communicate over long distance with each other by whistling), Don’t Give Up follows the story of an aspiring young goal keeper, Ilyas, who is terrified of heights. On hearing the news the football team he plays in will be flying to their match in the finals, Ilyas get’s visibly upset with the prospect of having to fly in a plane and runs off.


Determined that Ilyas makes it to the finals, his sister comes up with various methods of helping him overcome his phobia. The story ends with a triumphant Ilyas making it onto the plane just in the nick of time and being warmly welcomed by his cheering coach and young team mates.


CherryCherry’s work included creating digital matte paintings and set extension.


The Grade was done at CherryCherry Istanbul by Yucel Kurtul


Agency: Lowe

Agency Producers: Tuğrul Karadeniz, Ahmet Uygun

Creatives: Erdem Suyolcu, Emine Aydın Evirgen, Emre Koç

Creative Director: Can Faga

Production: IFP

Director: Levent Semerci

Producer: Sadık Ekinci

DOP: Olcay Oğuz

Editor: Suphi Uzun

VFX & Grading: CCVFX

VFX Supervisor: Tony Landais

Producer: Sezen Akpolat

Colourist: Yucel Kurtul