Cherry Cherry are designers of moving-media experiences, films, episodics, commercials and online content. We bring together analog and digital practices of design, art direction, animation, visual-effects and programming on a project basis to find unique ways to emotionally engage and involve audiences in media.


We work collaboratively using our interpretive practices of animation and visual-effects to develop concepts, ideas, approaches and orientations to simulations, characterisations and replications. By engaging with invention and surprise, we make new and innovative media experiences that engage, resonate, inspire and reverberate to produce compelling and memorable communications.


We employ art direction, animation, visual-effects, motion-design and coding to immerse audiences in installations, commercials, features, episodics, online content, music video, virtual reality (VR), 360 and augmented reality (AR) for media encounters and experiences.


Dr Carl Grinter and Gavin Hay lead the Cherry Cherry team with a 'can do' ethos employing media practices in studio, on location, in software and on hardware. We take on projects of all sizes.

Our philosophy is to continually learn through an open network that invents and innovates through collaboration across our diverse community, providing commissioners with a distinctly custom-made experience that they are firmly a part of in a relaxed and uniquely designed environment.


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Gavin Hay
Executive Producer/Partner